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TutorTrails is one of the leading Group and One-to-One Online Tutoring sites in Australia with the aim to inculcate quality education among the students. Our expertise lies in subjects like Mathematics and English starting from Year 1 to Year 10.

TutorTrails offers online tutoring for english, as well as online tutoring maths. Our maths tutor online as are experienced faculty experts in molding the students to prepare them for competitive exams as well as excel in academics. Getting an english tutor near me will get easier with TutorTrails!

We prepare our students in Australia for upcoming exams like NAPLAN 2024, Opportunity Class Test (OC Test) and ICAS.

Getting online maths tutor or online tutoring english is not so hard after all!

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We make Teaching Fun!

Our goal lies in making teaching fun for our students! At the same time, it is important to inculcate quality learning among the students making it essential to make live online tutoring fun yet meaningful.


TutorTrails has its network not only limited to online personal tutor for Australia. 

Our Maths tutor in Sydney as well as english tutor in Melbourne, english tutor Sydney, Melbourne english tutor are experienced to give our students the learning they need. Learn from english tutor today at TutorTrails!

We also provide online courses for english and maths along with NAPLAN and ICAS. Opportunity Classes are provide for Opportunity class test to Australian students. For the competitive exams, we provide full fledged maths online tutorials, naplan past papers, oc test, past papers naplan and naplan 2024.

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Why Us?


Our Online Learning platform allows tutors and students to work together on interactive whiteboard in real-time.


The students get opportunity to schedule their sessions on their preferred days and time as per their convenience.


Online learning at TutorTrails is very affordable for students of every grade. Pay only after you learn! Enrol Now!


The faculty at TutorTrails is purely authentic & strive each day to give the best learning to our students.

What You Get

At TutorTrails, our priority lies in building confidence and competence in our students. We provide regular homework, assignments, weekly tests, regular reports and many more.

Understand a Topic

The student learns all the concepts on skype by sharing white board with the teachers. They solve questions and ask their doubts. Our well-informed teachers make sure the student is confident in each topic before turning on to the next.

Homework Help

Regular homework in the form of assignments, puzzles, crosswords are given to the student after teaching every topic. If a student faces any challenge, they are provided with full help every time.

Exam Preparation

TutorTrails’ aim is to help each student excel in their academics. Our live online tutoring includes preparation for different tests like NAPLAN, OC and Selective Year Tests.

Happy Students



Our Students & Parents Love Us


We are so grateful to have you as our child’s teacher. With your guidance, our daughter has developed into a confident and capable child. You’re making a huge impact. Our daughter wants to learn more and more. Thank you for being such an important part in our child’s development. Your expertise in teaching has put our minds at ease. Thanks again to the friendly and hardworking staff 👍


Grade 5

Excellent Tutoring. Very clear and helpful. Enrolled my child for preparing for NAPLAN Test. They teach through presentation which contains lots of details and examples and show all the steps to avoid any confusions. Colorful presentations helped making things easier to comprehend and make learning fun. Thank you TutorTrails fow helping our child grow.


Grade 3

I enrolled my child for preparing for ICAS. She has improved alot and liked every session with TutorTrails. They provided worksheets after every session and prepared the child according to Selective school test. Teaching content and past paper questions were very helpful and management also keeps track of each student’s progress. Overall loved the sessions with TutorTrails.


Grade 4

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How is online teaching useful for my child?

The demand for online tutors has increased considerably in the past few years. Children being tech savvy like learning online which is fun for them. With the availability of tutors whenever the child needs, their academic performance increases to a great level.

What subjects can my child learn from TutorTrails?

TutorTrails offers quality tutors online for Australia for Maths, English as well as competitive tests like NAPLAN, ICAS and Opportunity Classes from grade 1-10. Starting from primary level, elementary as well as high school level. For the satisfaction of our parents, we also provide a 30 min free demo session.

Will TutorTrails provide only academic learning to my child?

TutorTrails motto lies in providing quality education. We not only focus on academic learning but engage children in different fun activities while teaching like puzzles, quizes, crosswords, games, mind benders among the others.

How do I register my child to TutorTrails?

You can contact us on +91 8700854767 or email us at for all the details.

What all will be provided to my child except the online learning session?

Our tutors are always on their toes to take regular test after each topic along with providing regular assignments, homework and all the content to our students along with providing monthly performance reports to our parents.

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